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Cologne Source:  
Cologne Destination: 
Times of the world 19
Farmer ----:----:----
Templar ----:----:----
Squire ----:----:----
Archer ----:----:----
Berserker ----:----:----
Spy attack ----:----:----
Spy spying ----:----:----
Crusader ----:----:----
Black knight ----:----:----
Ram ----:----:----
Trebuchet ----:----:----
Earl ----:----:----

What is it for this time calculator?:

This calculator is used as an aid in the browser game KingsAge ( This time calculator allows you to quickly calculate travel times of each of the types of units in the game between two colonies.


Enter colonies in the following format XXX|XXX. Example:

Cologne Source: 274|328
Cologne Destination: 341|429

Then you just have to click on the 'Calculate' button. If you have copied the coordinates of the flag quickly possibly you'll have something like this "519|491) K45". You can also paste and work.

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