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KingAddiction definition:

Describes those left at dawn without sleep for stamping counts, the clock at midnight just get to kick some attacks timed to arrive just off the night or those who are at work eyeing the phone to check that no attacks them at that time advantage they know that you are not active at that time... for all of you is this website and its tools, trying to make you something easier life.

This site contains a number of utilities used as tools to aid in the browser game KingsAge ( This site has no relation to the official website of KingsAge. If you find any errors or have any requests or suggestions for improvement send us an email to .

Time Calculator

This calculator lets you quickly know which is the time required for each type of drive to get from one colony to another. Just enter the destination coordinates arrival and press the calculate button. Easy, fast and easy.

Calculator flag

Are you tired of searching counts on the flag guild and check one by one? from now you no longer need, copy and paste your banner here and automatically drive type corresponding to the arrival time indicated on the flag be calculated. Do not forget that if the attacks have long way lose reliability calculations!.


If you are tired of trying to agree to all guild members to choose a day and time to attack all at once and can not get it to agree this is your solution. Select a date range and automatically a survey where everyone can vote the days and dates that you can ... then the results look and you get the problem solved! Will open.

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